The Golden Valley Light railway

A 2ft (610mm) Narrow Gauge Railway in Derbyshire

GVLR - "The Works"

"The Works" is a well equipped workshop, maintenance facility, for resident and visiting NG Steam and Diesel Locomotives and the GVLR's rolling stock.

With over 300ft of track, the secure building, boasts an extensive range of machinery, including a pit with wheel drop, 5 Ton manual gantry crane, lathes, milling machine, radial drill and all other equipment needed, to get the job done!

The 1st class workshop facilities, allow the GVLR's volunteers, to maintain and restore the railways rolling stock.

The building 12m x 36m, the principle storage and workshop building of the GVLR, also known as the Running Shed, was built by a combination of the members (who had decided that they had struggled for long enough) and specialist contractors between 2002 and 2007, comprises 2 storage tracks with ballast floor and 1 workshop track with concrete floor and extra space at the sides.

That's not all! The neighbouring standard gauge workshops at Swanwick Junction include a horizontal boring machine with 3' table and larger milling machines, more lathes, a 100 ton press and loads of other stuff. We can perform almost any task required for restoring and maintaining our vehicles.

image: "The Works"
"The Works"
during fitting out in 2006
Workshop equipment

South Bend lathe
Pit with Wheeldrop area
2 large lathes
5 ton ganatry crane
Milling machine
Radial drill
Mechanical Hacksaw
3' x 4' surface table
Blacksmith's (farrier's)
hearth and 2cwt anvil
Welder up to 400A
Oxy acetylene and propane
small sheet metal folder
Hand tools and meauring

Full equipment details here

image: Broadbent Lathe
Broadbent Lathe
E Draper