The Golden Valley Light railway

A 2ft (610mm) Narrow Gauge Railway in Derbyshire

"The Works" - Equipment

Pit with wheel drop area, partly covered by 5 ton manual gantry crane (Morris, 1938, ex the loco shed at RAF Fauld.)

Large lathe - Broadbent 18" centre height, (Max 26" radius in the gap) 10' between centres, fitted with a 15HP motor and believed to date from 1954. Sourced via ebay! This is covered by the gantry cane and is large enough to turn all the GVLR's wheels and has even been used for those of a small standard gauge industrial locomotive. The intention is to fit it with a hydraulic profile copying attachment one day.

Lathe: Colchester Triumph 2000 (50" between centres, Imperial model, with taper turning attachment). See this page for further details.

Lathe: South Bend with 2 accessories, namely a taper turning attachment, plus a set of collets and holder full details here of this lathe.

Milling machine: Victoria U3, with both a tilting , telescoping and swivelling vertical head, and a horizontal head. Complete with dividing head and a recently home made radius aid for die blocks and expansion links. The detachable vertical head has a 3MT socket and the horizontal spindle takes International 50 tooling. See this page for further details.

Diesel DC welder up to 400A. This was constructed by an engineering firm on Grimsby docks using a motor driven welding generator and a BMC 3.4 litre Diesel engine from a truck for the purpose of repairs to trawlers during the second Icelandic cod war (September 1972 - November 1973). It was subsequently privately purchased and used at the Lincolnshire Coast Light Railway at Humberston before decamping to the GVLR with the owner when the LCLR closed.

Portable hand fanned blacksmith's (farrier's) hearth, portable bench and vice, and 2cwt anvil.

External micrometers 0 - 24" and 0 - 450mm
Internal micrometers ½" - 36".
Radial drill: 3' arm by Archdale, with 3MT spindle.
3' x 4' surface table.
Off hand grinders.
Treadle guillotine.
Mechanical hacksaw and disc cut off saw.
Small sheet metal folder by Gabro.
3 phase AC welder up to 350A.
Oxy acetylene cutting equipment
and a propane / air blowtorch.

image: Colchester Triumph 2000 Lathe
Colchester Triumph 2000 Lathe
E Draper

image: Broadbent Lathe
Broadbent Lathe
E Draper

image: Milling Machine - Victoria U3
Victoria U3 Milling Machine

image: Overhead Crane at RAF Fauld
Overhead Crane at RAF Fauld
before move to GVLR
E Draper

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