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Golden Valley Light Railway

A 2ft (610mm) Narrow Gauge Railway in Derbyshire

New Carriage Shed Appeal

Plans for New Three Road Carriage Shed

The GVLR is now desperately short of covered storage space. It has two former Ffestiniog Railway coaches (old 118 & 119) and the historic Ashover Light Railway coach No.4 currently securely stored in the Running Shed. This arrangement is far from ideal as repairs and refurbishments to rolling stock are carried out in the immediate vicinity of these valuable assets. It also has four former Coal Industry passenger carrying manriders which unfortunately currently stand outside in all weathers! There are many other smaller items of rolling stock stored in rail connected former shipping storage containers which are nearing or past the end of their useful life.

The GVLR has decided to build a new 3 road Carriage Shed, 36 metres long and 8 metres wide, to house all the passenger carriages and some of the smaller diesel locomotives (whether restored or awaiting restoration). As well as removing the vehicles from possible harm and contamination, it will allow more projects to be undertaken in the Running Shed - a win, win situation for the railway.

Planning permission and building quotations for the Carriage Shed have been obtained. Over 60% of the required funding is in place. Bridging the gap will enable construction to take place in 2024.

Carriage Shed Floorplan

We are, therefore, opening an appeal to help fund the construction of a new Carriage Shed. The project will cost £120,000 and the GVLR is now looking to friends of the railway to help raise this sum. The much needed building will not only provide permanent, dry and secure storage, but also help reduce the maintenance burden imposed when rolling stock is constantly subjected to exposure to the UK weather! The stock to be housed in the proposed building is both vital for the future success of the GVLR and to the continuing preservation of our narrow gauge railway heritage.

Carriage Shed Leaflet
Carriage Shed Floorplan
New Carriage Shed
  • Precious rolling stock removed from a workshop environment
  • Workshop space freed up for additional projects
  • Disposal of life expired storage containers
Carriage Shed Appeal

The proposed new Carriage Shed is the next logical step in the continuing life of the GVLR and we are, therefore, opening an appeal to help fund its construction.

You can contribute to the appeal by making a donation by BACS bank transfer, sending a cheque or by setting up a Standing Order. For donations by BACS transfer, please add your surname as a reference so the source can be identified.
Full details are:
Lloyds Bank;
Sort Code 30-90-25
Account No. 01340274
for the credit of
MRT Narrow Gauge Shed/Coach

However you send a donation to the appeal, and if appropriate and you are a UK standard rate tax payer, you could fill in the Gift Aid Declaration to allow us to claim back some of the tax at no cost to you. We really do need your financial help now!!

Please send any donations and Gift Aid declarations to:
The GVLR Carriage Shed Appeal
GVLR Treasurer
22 Guide Post
Nether Heage
DE56 2AQ

Standing Orders need to go to your Bank.
Many Banks will allow you to set up a Standing Order on line or by telephone.

PDF format Standing Order
and Gift Aid Form