The Golden Valley Light railway

A 2ft (610mm) Narrow Gauge Railway in Derbyshire

Simplex "T" Class 101T020


One of only 25 "T"class locomotives manufactured by Simplex Mechanical Handling between 1972 and 1984. 101T020 was built in 1979 and powered by a Dorman 6DA diesel engine. It was first delivered, as a 2ft 6in gauge locomotive, to Ledston Luck Colliery, near Leeds, where it was used as an above ground shunting engine. It was then moved to Allerton Bywater Colliery in 1987 before being purchased by Alan Keef Ltd in 1989.

image: Ellison in Brands North Sidings

The company re-gauged it to 900mm and sold it on to Trans Manche Link Ltd for use on the Channel Tunnel project above ground at Shakespeare Cliff in Kent. In 1994, with the construction finished, the locomotive was moved a few miles inland to Sevington, near Ashford, and placed into store. From there it was again purchased by Alan Keef Ltd in 1996, who sold it to one of our members for use on the GVLR. Before delivery, the locomotive was re-gauged for a second time, to 2ft, the gauge of the GVLR.

Locomotive Specifications
112 HP at 2500 rpm

Restoration and Modifications

The salt air at Shakespeare Cliff had taken its toll, and, as part of the restoration work, a new cab was manufactured to the original design. Other works included simplification of the brake pneumatic system, from a combination NCB/TML system to the much simplified single pipe air brake system used on the GVLR.

Other works included the replacement of the couplers with those of the "Allen" type, a complete top end engine overhaul, and some minor electrical modifications. For added safety the locomotive has been fitted with a "deadmans safety device" which, when released, instantly applies the brake and takes the transmission system out of gear.

For night time operation more powerful headlights have also been fitted. These can be operated automatically from the gear selector. The locomotive has also received a new coat of "two pack" paint.

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image: Ellison in the country park hauling 2 yellow Simplex
"Ellison" in the
Country Park

image: T  Class
T Class
on passenger train
E Draper