The Golden Valley Light railway

A 2ft (610mm) Narrow Gauge Railway in Derbyshire

Ruston 4wDM RH191646/38

This loco, whose MOD identification number was AD41, was formerly an exhibit at the Museum of Army Transport at Beverley in East Yorkshire. Unsurprisingly, it had previously worked at the Lydd firing ranges in Kent. The museum closed in 2003 and the exhibits were dispersed to collections around the country.

image: Ruston 4wDM RH191646/38 Lyddia outside the Running shed

The GVLR were fortunate to be offered 2 of the working locus, including "Lyddia", which is on long term loan to the GVLR. The loco arrived in early 2005.

Locomotive Specifications
20 HP
2.5 tons

This loco is in good working order, apart from a minor oil leak from its crankshaft oil seal. This beautifully lined out loco, which has a cab and circular section tanks, will see occasional use on demonstration freight trains.

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image: Ruston 4wDM RH191646/38 Lyddia
Ruston 4wDM RH191646/38 "Lyddia"
E Draper