The Golden Valley Light railway

A 2ft (610mm) Narrow Gauge Railway in Derbyshire

Lister/Blackstone 53726

This loco consists of a light frame, with a Lister SR2 air-cooled Diesel engine powering a gearbox giving two speeds in each direction. Throttle and clutch pedals, a steel seat for the Driver, a hand brake and a full length canopy complete the ensemble.

A number of departures from the "standard" specification were included at the behest of Fison's, the customer. The canopy is made of all steel, rather than the steel uprights and wood/canvas roof normally seen, and the clutch is made up using Leyland "Terrier" and Land Rover components, rather than the standard cone clutch. Because of its appearance, this type is often known as a "Flying Bedstead".

Locomotive Specifications
Built - 1963
Power - 15hp
Weight - 1.5 tons

This small locomotive was designed for use on the lightest of narrow gauge track, and was commonly used in the extraction of peat from peat bogs, mainly for use in gardens. This particular example was ex-works on 8th November 1963, and was ordered by Eclipse Peat Products for Fina Peat Products of Wilmslow in Cheshire.

It was delivered to Eclipse Peat Ashcott Works in Somerset, and after some use there was stored until moved to Wilmslow in 1965. In 1970, it returned to Ashcott, both Eclipse and Fina now being owned by Fisons plc.

In 1984 the Ashcott line closed and the loco was sold to an enthusiast in Somerset. Following 4 further private owners, the loco was sold to one of our members and arrived on site on 4th July 1992. After some attention it first ran on 15th July 1992.

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image: Lister/Blackstone 53726
Lister/Blackstone 53726
E Draper