The Golden Valley Light railway

A 2ft (610mm) Narrow Gauge Railway in Derbyshire

Hudswell Clarke DM1117
0-6-0 100HP Double Ended Mines Loco

This 0-6-0 Double Ended Mines Loco, is ex of Calverton Colliery.

The loco has a large 4 cylinder compressor to cope with the high air demands imposed by its air powered engine starting system and its ability to work very long and heavy trains.

Locomotive Specifications
Built - 1964ish
Power - 100HP
Weight - 16 tons

The loco has no less than 4 air reservoirs, serving the functions of Main, vehicle brakes, engine start, and sanders / horn.

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image: Hudswell Clarke DM1117
Hudswell Clarke DM1117"

image: Hudswell Clarke DM1117
Hudswell Clarke DM1117