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The Golden Valley Light railway

A 2ft (610mm) Narrow Gauge Railway in Derbyshire

Wanted List

The GVLR is looking to acquire the following items; can you help?

A lathe 50" between centres so we can machine axles, must be accurate, and a taper turning attachment would be handy. Our existing Colchester Triumph 2000 is only the 30" model.

We have a large (18" centre height, 10' between centres) Broadbent lathe, but are looking for the following accessories

Milling machine / borer, ideally with sufficient travel on the table to bore both ends of a coupling rod without remounting it.

Blacksmith's tools | Fly press tooling

Volunteers; We are always looking for volunteers to join our group. We have vacancies for traincrew to operate our trains. If you are interested in helping to restore and maintain our rolling stock in a modern purpose built Running Shed: Please contact us