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Golden Valley Light Railway

A 2ft (610mm) Narrow Gauge Railway in Derbyshire

Last update 30th. October 2016
Information for Walkers and Cyclists
in the area surrounding the GVLR

The Amber Valley area, in which the GVLR resides, offers many opportunities for walkers of all abilities to get out and about. There's a wide variety of way-marked routes that include spectacular scenery, quaint villages and fascinating local history.

The GVLR runs through the MR-B's Country Park, which has a footpath running along it's Northern Side. The Cromford Canal Towpath, from Langley Mill and Ironville, provides access at Golden Valley and a North South Footpath, serves the same purpose, at the Western end of the Country Park, giving access to Codnor, Ripley and Riddings.

For weary walkers, a pit stop at Johnsons Buffet, on the MR-B's Swanwick Junction site is recommended. On a good day, you can sit outside and survey the trust's rolling stock. It is also possible to take a ride on the GVLR, either a roundtrip or oneway as part of a longer walk.

If you are planning a group walk and would like to incorparte a ride on the Narrow Gauge train, please get in touch. To interested groups, we can also arrange a guided tour of the GVLR Running Shed, to view our rolling stock

The Golden Valley Light Railway, Newlands Inn Station, is situated next to the Eastern Portal, of the disused Butterley Tunnel entrance.


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