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Golden Valley Light Railway

A 2ft (610mm) Narrow Gauge Railway in Derbyshire


Narrow Gauge Weekend
Sat 28th & Sun 29th May 2022

Passenger trains will be hauled by resident steam loco O & K 7529/1914 (placed in service in the UK for the first time in 2021) and the coaching stock will be weather dependant but the consist will definitely include the former Ashover Light Railway coach No4.

image:- O&K 7529 on first run in the Country Park

In the interval between each passenger train, a diesel or battery electric loco hauled freight train will work a return trip between Butterley Park Station and Brand’s Sidings. Locos intended to be available* for working freight trains will include the 2 diesel Listers, the 2 stroke Deutz, 60S364, 40SD529, NG24, AD34, BD3753, and 102T020.The Running Shed will be open for viewing by guided tours, and, subject to the availability of sufficient staff, it may be possible to have a supervised go at driving a light engine in Brand’s Sidings South yard.

The Standard Gauge railway will be running a DMU service between Butterley Station and Swanwick Junction Station, and it is anticipated that all of the attractions on the Swanwick Junction site will be open to visitors* except, unfortunately, the Exhibition Hall.

image:- O&K 7529 on first run in the Country Park

Please note that all access is from Butterley Station only; the gates at Swanwick Junction remain locked except to pedestrians. There is NO public parking at Swanwick Junction.

Please see the Midland Railway - Butterley Web page for admission details.

Subject to the weather, we intend to have all our locos suitably located for viewing on the Saturday, subject to staff availability, it may also be possible to arrange for this to happen on the Sunday. Please see the Rolling Stock Page for full details of our locomotive stock.

image:- O&K 7529 on first run in the Country Park
See the progress on re-engining Holwell Castle

Don’t forget to visit our Station Building to browse our extensive range of pre-loved railway books and much more! Narrow Gauge related books are a speciality! GVLR publications available include back issues of our in-house magazine “Two Foot Topics”, our Guide Book, our Stock Book, and the story of the renovation of Ashover coach No.4.

GVLR Passenger Timetable & Fares

* All attractions & locos subject to availability

image:- T Class in the Country Park
Simplex "T" Class 101T020

image:-Hunslet Perkins 28hp 4wDH HE 7009 / AD 34
Hunslet Perkins 28hp 4wDH
HE 7009 / "AD34"

image:-Baguley Drewry 3753 Darcy
Baguley Drewry 3753 "Darcy"

image: Simplex 40SD 529 at the head of a passenger train
Simplex 40SD 529


image:- Lister 10994
Lister 10994

image:- Motor Rail 11177 Holwell Castle apr08.jpg
Motor Rail 11177 "Holwell Castle"